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If your copy isn't bringing in the sales you hoped for,  read this page, because I have a great offer you're going to love...


I have a confession -   I don't take many clients for writing full sales copy because I have a lot of niche websites and projects of my own that are high priorities for me. 

For me to write your sales letter from scratch the money (and the project) has to be right.  

But I have another solution I think you're going to love...

If your product is a good one that should be selling better, a copy critique from me is an inexpensive  way to get some new conversion-boosting insights.

Happy clients send me emails like this one:


"Hey Loren

A quick email to say THANKS A MIL for your critique.

You've exceeded our expectations and we're very happy that we used your services!

We're working on the changes and will keep you posted!

Seriously.. we were blown away with the time and effort you put into the critique.

Thanks so much.

Lou & Kathryn"


Compared to  regular copywriter fees, these critiques are a bargain.

Understand, it's not that I'm not interested in writing copy for you,  and it's not because I'm always swimming in cash from my own projects  -  It's because writing copy for clients is complex, detailed work and while some people can afford my fees, many can't, or are just reluctant  taking a risk in hiring a writer for "big boy" dollars.

I don't think my fees are exorbitant in relation to my skills,  but by way of comparison you should know you can get copywriters on sites like Elance who write "sales copy" for insanely cheap prices. 

Chances are when you go for the cheapest copywriter you get one who isn't very skilled, but you never know.  You may have to hire a few lower-end writers yourself to find out.

Many writers with my skill level charge a lot more than I do, some in the $10k or more per letter range.  Some of them secretly never work at all, only getting clients at steeply discounted fees, and some are genuinely in demand. Depending on your niche market and advertising budget a real high-end copywriter (which I'm not, presently) may be a great investment for you, but since you're still reading I'll bet you're looking to get great copy that doesn't bust your budget.





Here's the offer:

To give you a taste of what I can do for your copy, and to help you make some do-it-yourself improvements, at no risk to you, I'll critique your sales letter for only $100.

Risk Free Guarantee

This Insight Critique comes with an unequivocal guarantee. If you feel after you've gone over your critique that for any reason it's not worth the $100 price, let me know what it's worth to you and I'll refund the difference, up to 100%. Of course if you take advantage of me I'll never do business with you again, but most people are fair and I'm willing to risk dealing with a few bad apples to win new customers.


This critique will not be  a rewrite done for you, which I can do this for you, but not at this price.  The purpose is to help you improve the copy you've written.

Your Insight Critique will...

arrow reveal organizational flaws in your overall approach and reveal how to use "______ _______" to boost your sales easily (once you grasp this concept you'll want to use it in everything you write).

arrow help you understand the specific "______ ______ _______" you need to be writing to that stimulates your prospect's itch to buy.

arrow show you how "_____ __ ___" is a common mistake that frustrates many marketers and brings the selling process to a grinding halt.

arrow Explain how the neglected "_____ ____ " is really where the sale happens and how to make it the most powerful profit-boosting portion of your letter. (Hint: it's not the headline).


The 2-Part Profit-Boosting Critique Formula


Part 1 - Video

I'll look at what you've got and using a screen-capture  video program I'll give you a talking critique.   You'll get the video file to watch whenever you like.

I'll comment on structure, style, graphics,  layout, and ways to improve them all.  I also may share selling insights you've never heard of or had well-explained to you before.  I have a gift for revealing powerful marketing insights.

Part 2 - Written

I'll also write for you a text document of suggested "snippets" of copy.  Some snippets you may be able to copy and paste straight into your letter to increase its focus and selling power.  Other snippets will be more conceptual in nature, giving an example you'll need to plug your own thinking into.  After all, it's your product and

I'll help you see your copy from 2 points of view - the average over stimulated and over marketed-to reader, and the grizzled, skeptical copywriting technician.  Hearing both points of view will bring new clarity to your selling message.

Much of a critique is based on opinion.  The opinion is based on years of direct-response marketing experience. 

Copywriting is both a process of technical persuasion and of creative writing.  My critique skills draw on massive amounts of research into what makes people take action.  They also draw on considerable creative writing skills and intuition.


Headline Clinic

Your headline is hugely important to the success of your sales letter.

There's a lot of confusing information about how to write headlines on the web - which is why so many headlines are bloated, hackneyed, unempathetic, and ineffective.

In the headline clinic I'll tell you straight:

arrow If and how you may be targeting the wrong prospect or the right prospect in the wrong frame-of-mind.

arrow How your headline may be turning-off your readers and how to fix it.

arrow How your headline may be pitching the wrong "big idea".  (this is a very common mistake)

arrow When your headline has ugly "gas-bag-itis" and how to deflate that bloated headline into a lean, mean selling sentence.

I may come up with a superior headline you'll want to try right away, or  I may give you no specific new headline but share  insights  to  help you create that new headline yourself.


 Lift & Support For Gravity-Challenged Copy

arrow I'll tell you where your writing sags, where you're saying too  much, where you're saying to little.  I'll tell you if your bonuses don't fit the offer, and if you're devaluing your offer by offering the wrong type of bonuses.

arrow I'll give you a reality-check on your pricing.  You may be underpricing or overpricing.  I'll share insights that can help you pump-up the perceived value of your offer to justify  a higher price, too.


This is an honest, craftsmanlike service.    It is also an introduction to buying expert marketing and copywriting  services from me.

I'm  skilled at what I do -  and it takes me time to do it.  When you buy this you are going to get great feedback that will help them make more money with their salesletters.  

Finally, this isn't a big money-maker for me.  I'll withdraw the offer when I'm too busy to spend the time to give you a great critique.   


How To Order:

Ordering your critique is simple.

1. Send me a email: loren@copymatch.com with a link to your salesletter. You can also ask me questions, if you're not sure about something or have a special request.  My phone number is at the top of this site and I can be reached sometimes on Skype at ID: lorenww

2.  Add the purchase through my shopping cart.  It's integrated with PayPal.

Copy Critique $100





hot offer - salesletter critique only $100


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