"How Far Down This Rabbit Hole Will You Go?"


   To  increase   your sales I.Q.  the first thing you need to realize is this:  a merely academic understanding of "why people don't buy" is not enough!  You need to have it in your bones, walk a mile every day, mentally, in your target-customer's shoes so you can find out what they really want and help them get it.

  The first 2 revelations are here on this page.  To get the rest you need to do something, but don't worry, it's easy and I'll let you know exactly what it is.

revelation 1

Confusion Kills Sales

You realize there are millions of dollars just begging for you to claim them. You also realize that if you had the right message thousands of people would open their wallets with zombielike compliance and send you vast sums of money.

      Here’s HOW you are getting smarter already:

  Most of today's marketing fails to communicate - and the basic fixes are actually things you could do yourself.  Just put yourself in your prospect's shoes and ask "does this make sense?  is it clear what this product it, and what I need to do to get it?"

There’s just one little "catch"...

  Do-it-yourself web-marketing is great stuff... But if you are good at the customer service and management side of your business you know how much time and energy alone those require - and when you desperately need a full-scale transformation finding the time to research and develop the expertise to do it yourself is a MAJOR challenge.

  Like most business owners you may simply  have no spare-time  to become the marketing expert you need to grow your business beyond  current limitations, creating the kind of explosive growth most entrepreneurs dream of but few achieve. 


revelation 2

There Are Subtle Barriers To The Sale Which Have Nothing To Do With Your Prices

The majority of small-business marketing efforts today abjectly fail to punch through what I call  "the seven walls of consumer resistance"

  Overcoming today's marketing challenges requires skill  - but with technology as an ally we are working in a time of great opportunity as well.

  Skill takes time to get. If you are absorbed in day-to-day operations you may not have the spare time to burn the midnight oil to learn the skills a real marketing expert must have.

  A fresh, outsider's perspective will expose catastrophic weaknesses before you waste your time and money on advertising people don't understand and don't respond to.

  Rescue your marketing. Get help. 


   Here's how:


Introducing: Your "Traffic and Cash Blueprint"


  I want to make absolutely sure I am working with a proactive, motivated client and you and I are a good fit.  Therefore I accept not one penny up-front for my consulting services.

  You assume no risk yet stand to enjoy massive benefits to your bottom-line. It won’t cost you one thin dime, in fact speaking with me will shed new light on your business and endow you with a  new vision for making even more money than you ever thought possible  .

  All we do is talk for 20-30 minutes on the phone about your business and marketing experiences - there is absolutely no cost to you for this service. If you are not 100% convinced  my strategies will boost your profits fast  , we'll part ways with a gentle understanding that we aren't a good match at this time.

  Here's where it gets really good for you: If I accept you as my client my team will go to work to create a customized "traffic and cash blueprint" for boosting your web-traffic and improving your website's ability to capture and sell more stuff to more people.

What You Get:

  Sample traffic and cash mindmap - yours will be customized

  Above: A simplified-version of the "Traffic and Cash Blueprint Mindmap" - which shows you how you'll be getting traffic from many sources. The real key to your success is not in the mindmap however; it is in grasping how the different elements fit together, the correct strategies for each traffic method, and how to turn your "destination" website into a money-making direct-response marketing machine!

  I hold nothing back in your "Traffic and Cash Blueprint" - I’ll give you incredible income-boosting strategies, tactics and trade secrets I've learned from thousands of hours of studying and practicing online direct-response marketing.

  1. TRAFFIC INFUSION   - How to unleash a massive increase in traffic and visibility for your website  - in fact if you are spending more than $1000 per month on advertising I can show you how to boost your targeted traffic by 200% or more with the same budget.

  I know you’ve heard  lots of hoopla about search engines and Web 2.0 fads (not a bad thing, but lets call a spade a spade) like Myspace and Twitter - those things are part of what I’ll show you, but more importantly you’ll get a customized "traffic mind map" which shows you how all these traffic sources fit together to flood your website with new visitors.


  2. YOUR DOLLAR MAXIMIZER   - More money for the value you already provide - how to maximize income in every transaction.

  If you don’t get at least one good-as-gold idea for how you can increase your transaction value and sell more products and services to the same customers, I will refund every penny and let you keep your custom traffic blueprint as a gesture of goodwill - because I know when you sit down and really think about what I’ve revealed to you you’ll come scrambling back or at the very least recommend my "traffic and cash blueprint" consulting service to your friends and colleagues.


  3. FAST CASH EXPLOSION   - Start making more money immediately from your present customer list and resources. I’ll reveal to you ways to immediately increase your cash-flow.

  Following our first free consultation we'll arrange for me and my team to put-together a fully customized traffic and cash-generating blueprint for your business. If you aren't 100% convinced you can leverage your present resources to start making more money immediately, I'll refund every penny you've invested in our services - I don't want dissatisfied clients saying I don't deliver the goods!


  4. BACK-END BONANZA   - Start raking-in huge back-end profits - because there is more money you can make with your business in follow-up marketing than you ever imagined! All it takes is the right knowledge of how to set it up and your commitment to making it happen.

  In short, your "Traffic and Cash Blueprint" gives you all the proven strategies and tactics you need to transform the online components of your business..

Price: $500

The first consultation is free.  If we talk and go no further, no hard feelings.  The free consulatation is exploratory - a matter of finding out whether we would enjoy working together - because we all have a lot of options. 



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